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Floating Nyan Cat Made With Light Scythe

Like any good connoisseur of internet culture, Gavin from Sydney (aka Mechatronics Guy), took it upon himself to bring the Nyan Cat into the real world, at least as much as is possible. How, you ask? Through the magic of the Light Scythe, which is also courtesy of Gavin. The Light Scythe is basically a giant pole of preprogrammed LEDs that allows you to make complex, long exposure, light paintings like the Nyan Cat, or anything else you can think to program into it. Also, it teaches you how to spell “scythe,” provided that you type its name enough times.

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Even though this Nyan Cat is the result of a long exposure shot and not some kind of looming, Pop-Tart hologram, it’s pretty sweet. If you’re the type of endeavoring soul who wants to build a light scythe of your own, check out this step by step guide. If you want to build the other kind of light scythe, you’re going to have to hunt down some Adegan crystals and try to summon Yoda’s ghost. I’m not sure if Gavin can help you with that, but I’m guessing that if he could, he wouldn’t be running around making Nyan Cats.

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