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Nothing but Respect for MY Gossip Girl’s Twitter Account

Penn Badgley is like "enough already."


penn badgley as Joe looms behind elizabeth lail as Beck in Netflix's You

Sure, you can like a murderous character, but you also have to recognize that it’s weird that they murder people. Them’s the rules; I didn’t make them up. It’s just how the world has to work.

But clearly, everyone is looking at Joe Goldberg from the Lifetime show You in a different light, which … why? Why are you all in love with him when he straight up murders people and stalks a woman? That’s not cute.

At risk of being told I’m “policing” what people are doing, do you want your significant other to stalk you until you love them and then murder those close to you because they’re warning you about them?

I’m not the only one who thinks the internet’s obsession with Joe is weird, either. You star Penn Badgley has used his Twitter account to continually point out that we shouldn’t thirst over Joe Goldberg.

With the continual “daddy” comments rolling in, Badgley has been very vocal about not feeding into it.

In fact, he has quite the high regard for fathers.

Which brings me to the point: Penn Badgley is doing exactly what he should be with a character like this.

We’re so inclined to dismiss the destructive nature of characters based on the attractiveness of the actor that we dismiss their more problematic aspects. With Joe, he straight up murders people, and still, there are fans who find him attractive because they’re attracted to Penn Badgley. Lucky for us all, Badgley is taking this and using it to point out that no one should look for their own personal “Joe.”

As of right now, I have nothing but the utmost respect for my Gossip Girl. Badgley is not taking this newfound thirst for him lightly, and having him continually point out the problematic nature of his character is a breath of fresh air from what we’ve seen in the past.

So, shoutout to Penn Badgley for not letting the trending internet topics get to him and, instead, standing up for what You is telling us about how we view these “romantic” men in our pop culture. If you have the chance, You is now streaming on Netflix and is definitely worth the watch. Please just don’t look at Joe Goldberg and Guinevere Beck as relationship goals.

(image: Lifetime)

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