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Guys, That Isn’t Kate Bishop in the Avengers: Endgame Trailer


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Lila Barton is a character we have met, one who exists within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so as much as I’d love for this little glimpse into Clint Barton’s life on a farm to include Kate Bishop, as the internet has theorized, I think it just serves to show what kind of father Clint was prior to his entire family being snapped up by Thanos.

Or, that’s what we can assume since Clint Barton goes full combat mode and … gets a mohawk? (Honestly, if his wife let him get that haircut, then I have some questions for Laura Barton.) So, with this scene, we can assume that Clint was passing his legacy down to his daughter, preparing her for whatever was to come to Earth next.

Maybe the MCU will just change the Kate Bishop storyline to give it to Lila Barton, something that is often done in comic book movies. Or maybe Lila Barton can bring Kate Bishop to the Avengers. Basically, I’m just saying that we did not see Kate Bishop in the trailer. So, who is Kate Bishop?

She’s the new Hawkeye, first appearing in the Young Avengers and created by Allan Heinberg. While still relatively new to the world of Marvel, she first appeared in 2005 and has since been a fan favorite. Seeing her come into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as this new wave of heroes takes over would be amazing, but I personally have a feeling that Marvel isn’t going to give up the Barton name.

Having Lila Barton come in as the new Hawkeye would mean that we could still, on occasion, see Clint Barton and have one of the original Avengers remain within the franchise. Plus, if they’re going to incorporate Lila Barton into Kate Bishop’s storyline, there is a series where she helps Bucky Barnes, meaning that she could also be featured in the rumored Winter Soldier/Falcon TV show.

To be quite honest, I have a feeling that it just was meant to show everything that Clint Barton lost—the happiness his family brought him, what retirement meant for him—and wasn’t a glimpse into the Lila Barton/Kate Bishop fantasy we all want. Also, though, I hope I’m very wrong, because having a female Hawkeye, whether it be Lila or Kate, would be an incredible addition to phase 4 of the MCU.

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