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Nooooo Andy Serkis, Don’t Stir Up the Snoke Talk!


Snoke in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

**Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.**

Star Wars fans had a ton of theories about the Big Bad introduced in The Force Awakens, Supreme Leader Snoke, going into The Last Jedi—so many, in fact, that telling people how bad their theory of choice was became a meme. Then, Snoke was dispatched handily and left for the bottom half of his destroyed body to become a gag to make Hux look a bit foolish, too.

Or was he!?

No, he totally was, but Andy Serkis, who played the character, has been around long enough to know that you don’t kill off mystery, or fans’ ability to imagine and speculate, unnecessarily. So, when /Film asked him if Snoke could make an appearance in J.J. Abrams’ final installment in the current Star Wars trilogy, he told them that a character making it through something like that is kind of an open question in Star Wars—and, to be fair, it’s canon that Darth Maul lived through something similar with his return on Star Wars Rebels, and he’s no Snoke.

And he concluded, “And what I’m saying is, who knows?” Could J.J. Abrams bring back the character he introduced? Sure, but what’s way worse than killing off a character who seemed so mysterious and so much more important than the end he was given? Resurrecting that character with just as little meaning. Even if Snoke were brought back and given a more important role in the plot, that role could just as easily be filled by a separate character entirely.

Serkis also said Abrams hasn’t talked to him about anything of the sort, so it’s pretty likely that we can close the book on Snoke at this point. Now, while we’re on the subject of characters who might make an unexpected return, let me run down the approximately infinite reasons Captain Phasma, on the other hand, can and should come back. We didn’t see her die, you kn—hey, where are you going?

(via /Film, image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

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