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Some Papers Didn’t Run This Sunday’s Non Sequitur… Because It Didn’t Have Muhammed In It

This Sunday’s Non Sequitur cartoon features a pretty simple joke: what if you replaced Waldo with some one else?  Please note (by clicking the image above for the full version) that an image of the prophet of Islam does not appear.  Anywhere in the panel.

(Actually, I was kind of angry when I read it in the paper, because I felt it was nerd sniping me.  Of course, now I have to check and see if you actually put him in there, and see just how far your punchline goes.  Make me work, why don’t you.)

Anyway, despite actually not having an image of the prophet Muhammed, some papers apparently declined to run it yesterday.

Wiley (David Wiley Miller) responded to some comments on his site, from readers who noted that their paper ran a stock comic instead of the one appearing online.

Yours along with many other papers across the country were afraid to run this cartoon. In doing so, it is rife with irony, as it is obviously satirizing the paralyzing fear in media of anything regarding Islam. Cowards indeed.

For those of you whose paper ran the alternate edition, I strongly suggest you contact the editor and voice your opinion on the matter. They are the ones who need to hear it, as they are the ones who made the decision.

So let the record show that in addition to catching flak for showing Muhammed, we can now get in trouble for conspicuously not showing him.  Good to know.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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