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No One Is Having It With This Article Tearing Down Shrek on Its 20th Anniversary

It's 2021. Let Shrek live in his swamp!

Shrek smiling unconvincingly in Shrek.

Shrek is the kind of movie that has stayed with so many of us throughout the years. From quoting things that Donkey had said to Shrek to yelling about onions, it’s a movie that we all loved as kids and continue to hold near and dear to our hearts. So why then did we all wake up in the year of 2021 to Shrek discourse on the Twitter timeline?

The discourse started when Scott Tobias wrote a piece for the movie’s 20th anniversary saying that Shrek is “unfunny” and “overrated.”

Now, why Tobias decided to come in with this hot take on Shrek‘s 20th anniversary, I don’t know. But this movie was a staple for many kids, including myself. I was 8 years old when Shrek made waves, and I instantly fell in love with this fairytale world filled with popular songs and making fun of the Disney movies I knew and loved. Was I aware it was making fun of Disney? No, I was 9, but I loved that genre, so I didn’t really care.

But now that I’m adult and I understand what they were doing, I still love everything that Shrek was and I love the universe it created. I also love joy, so maybe that’s why I don’t agree with Tobias’ take. Twitter, though, was quick to jump to Shrek’s defense and also was mad that it is the year 2021 and we somehow have SHREK DISCOURSE.


Sorry to this man, who thought just sharing his opinion on Shrek would be fine. But it’s Shrek. It’s a classic for a reason, and most of us who grew up watching the movie love it and want to cherish it still. So … we just don’t take kindly to someone calling it “unfunny” and “overrated.” Not in our swamp!

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