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No One Is Buying This Video of Jonathan Majors Breaking Up a Fight Ahead of Court Appearance

Jonathan Majors at the Creed III red carpet premiere

Right before his next court appearance, a video began circulating of actor Jonathan Majors supposedly breaking up a high school fight, and no one is buying that it’s real. Majors is due in court on September 15 for a trial date to be chosen for his misdemeanor charges of harassment and assault. Given that the video of him reportedly being a Good Samaritan conveniently surfaced on September 14, many are accusing it of being a very bad PR stunt. It wouldn’t be the first time that attempts from Majors’ team to make him look good in the aftermath of the assault allegations backfired terribly.

Majors was arrested on March 25 on assault and harassment charges stemming from a domestic dispute with his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. Police on the scene observed injuries on Jabbari, and she was transported to a hospital while Majors was taken into custody and later released that same day. On March 30, Majors’ attorneys released alleged text messages from Jabbari to Majors that they claimed proved him innocent. While his legal team claimed that the messages exonerated him, they only raised further scrutiny against Majors because they seemed show Jabbari displaying some concerning signs of fear and self-blame that are common in victims of domestic abuse.

Now, it seems that Majors’ PR team’s latest attempt to put him in society’s good graces has also failed terribly.

Jonathan Majors’ fight video goes viral for the wrong reasons

TMZ first reported on September 12 that Majors had broken up a high school fight at an In-N-Out in Hollywood. The article claimed that Majors was just stopping for a quick bite at In-N-Out when, lo and behold, a fight abruptly broke out between two teenage girls. That’s when Majors bravely swooped in and stopped the fight, later telling TMZ he was concerned about someone getting hurt and hoped the girls were doing alright. The story didn’t gain much traction until TMZ released the video of the supposed fight two days later.

The “wild video,” as TMZ labeled it, shows two girls fighting while others stand around filming and laughing at the spectacle. That’s when Majors appears out of nowhere, running into the frame and getting between the two girls. Then, in a scene reminiscent of the one in Jurassic World where Chris Pratt holds out his arms to keep the advancing raptors at bay, Majors holds out his arms to keep the girls apart. He can also be heard dropping some inspirational quotes like, “It’s not that big” and “It’s okay.” Majors reportedly didn’t leave the scene until the girls calmed down and stopped fighting.

It sounds totally believable, right? This huge Hollywood star was just out getting a burger while wearing his sophisticated Peaky Blinders hat a few days before his court appearance when he stumbled upon a shocking scene and quickly swooped in to save our nation’s youth and show what a wonderful man he was. The video went viral soon after TMZ posted it, but likely not for the reason they thought it would. Internet users quickly dubbed it the worst PR stunt they’ve ever seen and mocked it for how fake it seemed. Plus, many pointed out how laughable it is if Majors’ team actually thought this was going to somehow make everyone forget that he’s accused of assault.

Whether the video is real or fake, perhaps it’s time for Majors’ teams to let the justice system determine his guilt or innocence because their attempts to sway public opinion aren’t working.

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