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Was Doctor Who’s Nikola Tesla Just Kevin Kline’s Clone? Let’s Discuss.


Nikola Tesla's Night of Terrors

I love the “war of the currents” because it’s an interesting time in our technological history. So, watching “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror” in the latest season of Doctor Who, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being mansplained at, but in the best possible way? Because a woman wrote the episode, and it was a woman who was explaining Tesla to us all.

While I enjoy that a woman got to explain Tesla for once, I have to say that my entire time watching this episode was spent wondering why Goran Višnjić playing Nikola Tesla just kept reminding me of Kevin Kline. Let me explain: He had a middle part and a mustache.

Višnjić, who I remember from watching E.R. with my mother, is not someone I would typically look at and think, “Wow, just like my favorite man from the past,” but then again, maybe they just used Goran Višnjić as a front and really time traveled to get Soapdish-era Kline to play Tesla. Whatever the truth is, I could not think of anything else but Kevin Kline the entire episode.

At least I’m not alone. No really, a lot of Twitter kept getting Kevin Kline vibes, and honestly, what if Goran Višnjić and Kevin Kline were in a movie together? Hollywood, I’m giving you this idea for free.

This episode of Doctor Who was interesting because I didn’t particularly love feeling like I was being explained at (I know plenty about Nikola Tesla, thanks), but then again, the fact that a woman wrote it and a female Doctor was explaining it made it a little bit better because 9 times out of 10, it’s a man yelling about Tesla at us like we didn’t all also watch The Prestige or, you know, read a history book.

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