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First Nexus 7 Ad is Extremely Cute, Will Probably Sell Some Tablets

It’s that great American story: A man, his son, and their Nexus 7 tablet alone against the elements. In this, the first advertisement for the highly anticipated Google Android tablet, we see the device in its natural habitat. See the surprisingly charming video below.

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Now, if you’ve been paying close attention to the rollout of the Nexus 7, you’d instantly notice that something was amiss as the device is Wi-Fi only. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t load it up with media prior to your big trip, but I appreciate the twist ending if only because it keeps the ad honest.

Also: Show of hands, who wanted to see this become an ad about how to use your tablet to survive being attacked by dinosaurs in the woods? That would have been great.

It’s especially interesting to see this compared to the ad that Microsoft cooked up for their Surface tablet-with-a-keyboard thing. Whereas that was highly artistic and aggressive, Google takes a page from Apple’s playbook and shows viewers what they can do with the device. It deftly explains that the Nexus 7 is an eBook reader, a video player, a gaming device, and a flashlight. I was honestly surprised that they didn’t have a “poison ivy identification” scene.

This is how Google wants us to think of their device. That it’s fun, it’s portable, it brings families together. It also, no doubt, will be a money funnel as the successful device hooks more people into the Google Play media store.

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