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Closet Cosplay Tips and Suggestions for Everyone Who Left Their NYCC Outfit to the Last Minute


  1. A Generic Browncoat, Firefly A Generic Browncoat, <eM>Firefly</eM> This isn’t entirely closet cosplay, since you’ll need a few accessories to turn the pants/boots/button-up shirt combo you probably have laying around the house into a legit Browncoat’s outfit. But hey, it’s October. Walk into any Halloween store, go to the cowboy section, pick up a few plastic gunslinger’s items, and you’ll be good to go. My own Browncoat outfit is my con staple, though it benefits from having a leather bodice that I impulse bought at a Renaissance Festival one year. If you don’t have one, you’ll just have to double up on the most important ingredient: Swagger.—Rebecca
  2. Velma, Scooby Doo Velma, <eM>Scooby Doo</eM> Black-rimmed glasses-wearers, I’m looking at you (through my own black-rimmed glasses). Listen, no one is expecting you to have a gigantic orange turtle neck at your fingertips, but you can rock the pseudo-Velma look pretty easy by just using some of those big brains of yours. Any orange top and red skirt will do—it’s a fairly unusual and iconic color combo. If you can get your hands on some orange knee socks before the event, even better!—Sam
  3. Buffy Summers Buffy Summers Ok, yes, Buffy has worn a lot of outfits in her time, but that’s what makes this costume so easy! You can piece together just about anything in your closet, pair it with a high ponytail and an old bit of wood, and voilà! But if you want to get more specific, I’d go with some sort of pleather pants, a red tank top, and a jean or leather jacket. Or keep it ‘90s with a short skirt and go-go boots. I don’t recommend breaking a chair to get your stake, but if you’re already set to throw one out, it’s a good place to find one. Worse comes to worse, use a wooden spoon and tell people your mom let a vampire in for dinner and you improvised! I did this once for Halloween and also went the extra mile and stuck a “Hello, My Name Is” sticker on my chest that said “The Chosen One.”—Jill
  4. Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks Agent Dale Cooper, <eM>Twin Peaks</eM>

    Do you have a suit, or a dark pants/white shirt/dark jacket combo that can pass for one? A trench coat? Professional-looking (and comfortable, of course) black shoes? And, most importantly: Do you have a mug? Congratulations! You have a very passable cosplay of Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks! Bonus: Minus the mug, it’s the exact same costume Castiel from Supernatural wears, so you can infiltrate their ranks and start ranting about owls.–Rebecca

  5. Nerd Cred Inspector Nerd Cred Inspector Now, hear me out on this one. There’s a performance aspect, or it doesn’t work. All you need is a suit, a clipboard, maybe some glasses, and a name badge reading “NERD CRED INSPECTOR.” Walk around telling people you’re inspecting congoers’ nerd cred—you know, as a public service. Gotta keep the posers out. “Question one,” you say, scanning your finger down your clipboard pensively. “Do you consider yourself a nerd.” “Ye-essss?” “Congratulations, my friend! That is literally the only question! Nerd cred: A stupid and useless concept confirmed.”—Rebecca

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  6. Wednesday Addams Wednesday Addams

    Can you put your hair in two braids? Got a black skirt? You're half way to a Wednesday Addams costume. I won't bother asking whether you've got black shoes or a black sweater: Everybody has those, or at least enough everybodys that they're easy to borrow. A short black dress will also suffice. Black tights? Bonus. Dress in black and braid your hair is what I'm saying, and if you don't have a handy shirt to reproduce her collar with, the look is easily replicated with some paper and a few safety pins. If Nina Kachadourian can do it in an airport bathroom, you can do it in a half hour in your apartment. If you're feeling especially fancy, throw on eyeliner and smudge a bit of eyeshadow on there for that real Sunken Eyed Serial Killer in Training look. —Susana

  7. Clara, Doctor Who Clara, <em>Doctor Who</em> Say what you will about Clara’s personality (like, “What personality?”), but Jenna Coleman’s wardrobe is on point. Grab any cute little dress or skirt-and-blouse combo you might have with a Peter Pan collar, part your hair down the middle, and you’re all set. For extra cred, grab a little TARDIS or sonic screwdriver accessory.—Sam
  8. Catgirl, Gotham Catgirl, <eM>Gotham</eM> Because there really aren’t enough excellent brunettes to closet cosplay in the comic book world, why not try Gotham’s new take on Catwoman? Or… Catchild, I guess? Black pants, black tall boots, and a black (faux) leather jacket layered over a hoodie. All you have to do is pick up a pair of goggles at a Steampunk booth once you get to the con, and you’re good to go. Extra bonus: carry around a stuffed cat all day.—Sam
  9. Donna Noble, Doctor Who Donna Noble, <em>Doctor Who</eM> Red hair and bangs? Like jewel tones, flowing tops, chunky jewelry, and being comfy? Donna Noble welcomes you into her loud and compassionate bosom. Black boot-cut jeans, a grey tunic over a purple tank top, a large tan belt, and long tan jacket will help you recreate her most iconic look, but if you’re not willing to spend that much for a coat, you can also go for her “End of Time” outfit: blue jeans, a purple tank, a flowing open-front teal cardigan, and an aquamarine necklace with chunky beads. She’s not on-screen wearing it for very long, but the style and color palette is very quintessentially Donna.—Victoria
  10. Death, Sandman Death, <em>Sandman</em> You know that black belt with silver studs you got at Hot Topic in junior high that’s sitting in the back of your closet? Surprise; you have a use for it now! Grab a black tank and black leggings or jeans, and slap that good ol’ reminder of your more goth days on top. Tease your hair out and get your eyeliner game on strong with some ancient Egyptian influence. The only thing you might not have in your possession is an Ankh necklace, but those shouldn’t be too hard to find.—Sam
  11. Mary Jane Watson Mary Jane Watson Let’s face it, if you’re a redhead and you show up to a convention without a costume, you’re going to get called Mary Jane anyway. Why not lean into it? MJ’s got a few iconic outfits that we can work with, the easiest of which being the one from her very first appearance in Spider-Man, otherwise known as the “Face it, Tiger, you just hit the Jackpot” look. For that, you’ll need a black wide-strap tank top, a belt (the closer it looks to a safety belt, the better), a white jacket or dress shirt to drape over your arm, and colored pants. Most people wear tan to line up with Adam Hughes version, but the original coloring of the comic showed her in light purple, and it’s also been recolored into blue. As long as you can rock that pose and a fierce set of bangs, you should be good to go.

    Don’t want to hit any jackpots? A yellow dress, black leggings, and an electric guitar will have you looking like the Mary Jane from Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (that’s the one with Spider-Gwen), and a lavender turtleneck and yellow sweater over mom-jeans will recreate her look from the ‘90s Spider-Man animated series. You could also screenprint a Spider-man head on a white V-neck t-shirt and wear it over faded, ripped blue jeans for the J. Scott Campbell look—though we wouldn’t recommend trying to recreate that pose. —Victoria

  12. Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert Tired of people spoiling the plot to that book, film, or TV show you were looking forward to? The buck stops here. You can wear just about anything you want for this one, but you’ll have to be OK with people getting close. You’ll need some paper and tape and/or safety pins and some sort of noise maker (preferably not too obnoxious). Fold pieces of paper in half—on the outside write “READ THIS” in all caps, and then the subject below (ie Game of Thrones, Sleepy Hollow, etc.). On the inside, write a juicy spoiler. Stick these all over your clothes. When people stop to admire your look, invite them to read, but just as they reach out sound your noise maker and exclaim: “The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Orphan Black (insert appropriate mention)! Read on at your own risk!”—Jill

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