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The Mary Sue Writers’ Nerdy New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

What's yours?


NewTMSlogo Here at The Mary Sue, our personal New Year’s resolutions tend to be pretty odd in comparison to the stereotypical ones. Like, yeah yeah, be better with money and get in shape or whatever, but what we really need to be doing is playing more video games and organizing our comic books better, right? Here’s what each of us is looking forward to accomplishing in our lives this year. If you’re still brainstorming your own goals to propel you into 2015, feel free to borrow some ideas from us!

Jill Pantozzi,Editor in Chief:

For work resolutions I’m finally going to get around to starting my Twin Peaks newbie recaps. So WATCH OUT, WORLD! But on the more personal side, I’m planning on having a “geek garage sale” (even if it’s online) to get rid of some of the bulk in my small New York apartment… to make room for all my old toys still at my parents’ house! I’m talking original My Little Pony, Jem and the Holograms, She-Ra, and Strawberry Shortcake that STILL SMELLS GOOD.

Susana Polo, Editor at Large:

This is the year I finish organizing my single issues — without having to recoup after a hard drive failure destroyed my nearly complete database — and actually get around to selling the comics I don’t want to keep. Gotta make room to buy more! I’m also going to start saving: for the complete computer overhaul that I only just realized I need before I can play Dragon Age: Inquisition (weeps openly), so that I’ll have a spanking new desktop at least in time for Batman: Arkham Knight.

Victoria McNally, Assistant Editor:

Last year I resolved to make a list of all the things I wanted to watch, read, and play, and actually do that instead of watching the same 30 Rock episodes on Netflix over and over again. I failed miserably. So! What I’m going to do instead this year is instead of a big daunting list, I want to try working in an hour or two every week to try something new on Netflix or read a book I haven’t finished, and maybe actually carving in that time will work better. Probably. 30 Rock will always be there for me if not. Oh! And I’m gonna save up for a PS4 because why haven’t I done that yet.

Dan Van Winkle, Associate Editor:

It’s time to work through my back catalog of games. I’ve spent so much time wishing I could play new games on new consoles that I’ve completely ignored the fact that I missed out on a lot of last gen’s quality titles—some of which I even own. I’m also going to try to stop blaming games in general for a lack of new and different gameplay and take it more on myself to find unique things to play. 2015 is the year I stop letting adulthood and responsibilities or whatever get in the way of gaming.

Sam Maggs, Associate Editor:

First of all, I need to stop bringing my phone to bed, because I spend far too many hours on Tumblr when I should be sleeping. But for 2015 I have some serious television goals—I want to re-watch all of the original Sailor Moon and all of Star Trek Voyager, because I feel like last time I was too young to truly appreciate Janeway’s badassery. I’m also going to get into Parks and Rec (because, hello, squishy Chris Pratt), and continue to expand my woefully-neglected anime horizons. Any recommendations, friends?

Carolyn Cox, Associate Editor:

Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who. As far as geek goals go, I hope this will be the year where I stop re-watching old Parks and Rec episodes and really give Doctor Who a go, because TMS readers and my fellow editors have to be on to something, right? Also: baby steps towards Alien: Isolation. I will work up the courage to at least watch someone else play.

Update [1/2/2015]: A little late to the party but here’s our weekend editor, Alanna Bennett:

One of my biggest goals this year is to get to more conventions. I have, tragically, only been to one so far (LeakyCon 2013 REPRESENT!), but I get serious FOMO whenever a cool one happens and I’m not there. Hopefully I can set about fixing that this year. Other things: I want to write in a wider variety of formats about a wider variety of things, I want to meet even more awesome geeky people, I want to start watching some of those shows people have been telling me I should for ages (Agents Of Shield, Arrow, I’m coming for ya).

Got any New Year’s resolutions of your own, stereotypical or otherwise? Talk about what you’re excited about for 2015 in the comments below—maybe you’ll inspire someone else to make the same plans as you!

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