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DC Comics Announces New Supergirl Ongoing Comic, Surprising No One


supergirl sister act

From the TV Guide SDCC 2015 issue.

We knew it was inevitable, right? After DC Comics made the questionable decision to end the most recent Supergirl ongoing comic this past year with a mainstream TV show on the way, Supergirl fans everywhere were pretty much like, Yeah, but once the show does well, they’ll have to bring a comic back, right? I mean, how could they not? Well, it looks like y’all are a bunch of soothsayers, because the prophecy has indeed come true.

DC Comics has announced that Supergirl will be receiving a new digital-first title similar to the recent Legend of Wonder Woman. Here’s the official description:

SUPERGIRL: DIGITAL FIRST VOL. 1 ties directly into critically acclaimed Fall 2015 hit television show Supergirl, continuing storylines as they appear on the show.

Kara Zor-El landed on Earth after many years stuck in en route from her now-destroyed home planet Krypton, having followed in her famous cousin Superman’s footsteps. Upon arriving, she was taken in by the lovely Danvers family and taught to hide her un-Earthly powers from sight. As the world falls in love with her super hero cousin Superman, Kara starts to feel the urge to embrace her powers, especially when her powers can save someone she loves.

But does National City want a Supergirl? Is the world ready for another super hero? And what other-worldly consequences arrive once Kara Danvers reveals her true self? Find out in the stories between the episodes in SUPERGIRL: DIGITAL-FIRST VOL. 1!

There’s no word yet as to the creative team – specifically as to how the TV writing staff from the CBS show will be involved in the comic. We do know that they’re up for the challenge, and we have an idea of what a tie-in comic like this could look like from the short comic story written by Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti, and Ali Adler (with art by Xermanico) for the SDCC edition of TV Guide. The short story, called “Sister Act,” served as a prequel for the show and focused on the relationship between Kara and Alex. It was a sweet story that made me see the possibilities for the show, and now for a comic set in that world.

I’m usually not a fan of TV tie-in comics. After all, if I’m already watching the show, why do I need a comic that will by nature be limited so as not to conflict with the television storytelling or canon? And so, I have mixed feelings about this endeavor.

My hope is that, with this new comic, they let themselves really delve into what comics can do, telling the stories that they could never tell on TV even with a CBS-sized budget, and not having the storytelling for one be dependent on the other. I love the characters being created on the show, and I’d love to see those characters – as performed by Benoist, Flockhart, Brooks and Co. – come to comics. Also, I hope that there’s more to the comic than the description above, as I’d really hate to see Vol. 1 be a mere retelling of what we’ve already seen on the show. If this comic can be set in the TV world without being completely beholden to it, I’m 100% down with this endeavor.

The collected edition for Supergirl: Digital First Vol 1 is scheduled to be released August 9th, 2016, which means that single issues will be released in early 2016. What do you think? Will you be reading the newest Supergirl comic?

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