Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Ussop and Luffy in art for the One Piece anime

New ‘One Piece’ English Dubs Just Dropped

If you love anime but hate reading, boy, do I have news for you! One Piece fans, I don’t know which is worse: having to wait for the ending of a series with no end in sight or having to wait for the English dub of that series because you just can’t stand to do all that reading.

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Or maybe you’re currently going through the struggle that I personally experienced while trying to track down the English dub for Naruto. I get it, maybe reading isn’t the issue. Maybe it’s the voice actors themselves. After all, many of us were first exposed to shows like One Piece and Naruto when they aired in English on network TV, back when we were wee babes. Try as I may to watch the Japanese version of Naruto, it ironically just doesn’t sound like Naruto to me. The English voice cast was imprinted onto my still-forming brain from a young age, and gives me that sense of nostalgia that the Japanese cast simply isn’t able to do because I don’t recognize their voices in the same way! What I’m trying to say is that I understand your pain. I started watching One Piece later in life, in the original Japanese sub, but could never bring myself to do the same with Naruto, on whose English voice cast rests the memories of the springtime of my tender youth!

The flower of your youth shall bloom once more, One Piece fans. The English dub of One Piece season 14 arrived on Crunchyroll on January 16, 2024! Hooray! That means that episodes 1037 to 1048 of the anime are available for your English-language viewing pleasure right now! As for the episodes following 1048, we don’t know for certain when they’ll be available. But it’s likely that we will have another announcement relatively soon. So what are you waiting for? The springtime of your youth awaits!

(featured image: Toei Animation)

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