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New Electronic Paper Displays Printed on Cloth, Actual Paper, and Runs Video in Color

Electronic paper displays — once just a vision of the future in various works of fiction — have come a long way over the years, from being used in buttons on phones, to taking over the e-reader market. E-ink is growing in popularity partly due to it not putting the eyes under as much strain as a regular screen and partly due to the lower power consumption e-ink uses. Now, E Ink Holdings seems to be bringing us into the future, having developed a way to print e-ink displays onto cloth and paper, as well as having developed a way to display fullmotion video on a color e-ink screen.

Below, you can check out a video of an e-ink screen printed on cloth, one printed on Tyvek cloth (which is essentially used as paper for some United States Postal Service envelopes), and a color e-ink screen running full motion video.

E-ink on cloth:

E-ink on an envelope:

Full motion color video displayed on e-ink screen:

(The Digital Reader via Engadget)

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