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Netflix’s The Witcher Anime Will Focus on Geralt’s Mentor Vesemir

Fans already know who they want to play Vesemir on the show.

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

We now know more about Netflix’s standalone anime set in the world of The Witcher, called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. The upcoming production looks set to focus on the life of Vesemir, Geralt’s mentor that we will likely be meeting in the flesh in season two.

In The Witcher book and video game canon, Vesemir is a gruff but caring father figure and the oldest living Witcher around—he had lived at Kaer Mohren, the castle compound where Witchers once trained, when it was sacked and its inhabitants slaughtered by people who considered Witchers to be abominations. Geralt refers to this incident on The Witcher TV show, telling Queen Calanthe at Pavetta’s betrothal banquet that the destruction of Kaer Mohren is the reason why there are so few Witchers left and why new ones cannot be created.

Here’s showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s breakdown of Vesemir’s character:

Although the synopsis that popped up on Netflix’s page for Nightmare of the Wolf appears to be removed at the moment, as CBR and IGN point out, it had been updated to read, “Long before mentoring Geralt, Vesemir begins his own journey as a witcher after the mysterious Deglan claims him through the Law of Surprise.”

Focusing on Vesemir in anime form seems like a savvy choice. The team behind both shows will be able to tell interrelated stories, but by being set in the past, Nightmare of the Wolf can be neatly independent from the unspooling events of The Witcher. Vesemir has a long and storied life and any number of fantastical tales could be shaped from it. It’s also a great way to get fans invested in Vesemir, who is all but certain to play a significant role in season two. I imagine this will be in the form of both flashbacks to Geralt’s youth and in the current-day helping out with Ciri’s training, if we get that far.

Before we knew that Vesemir could take center stage in his own story, fans began clamoring for a dream casting: they want Mark Hamill, who knows a bit about wizardry and mentoring gifted youth, to play Vesemir on the showI have to say I’d be entirely on board with this bit of casting. At the moment, we don’t yet know who will be playing the live-action Vesemir. On the final episode this season, a younger Vesemir is voiced by Divergent actor Theo James in a flashback. It’s possible James could take up the voice role for the anime, especially if we’re meant to see Vesemir’s origin story.

Also on board to have Mark Hamill play Vesemir? That would be Mark Hamill. As Gamerant explains, way back in March when Hissrich tweeted out those character breakdowns, fans began to rally for Hamill, which Hamill saw on Twitter:

Hissrich described Vesemir as “Fatherly. Wise. Sprightly,” and of course, “Ancient.” All traits that several fans agreed were befitting of Mark Hamill. Hamill got wind of the conversation and chimed in saying, “I have no idea what this is or what it’s about but agree it could/should be played by me.”

As recently as December, he still seemed interested in the project:

Chances are that Hamill knows a bit more about The Witcher now that it’s the biggest show in the world. Let’s hope Hissrich was listening, because this would be a casting coup and a half. Please call Mark Hamill’s agent.

(via CBR, image: Netflix)

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