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This G.L.O.W. Trailer Looks Great But I Have Questions

The team behind Orange Is the New Black is prepping for their next big dramedy: G.L.O.W. An acronym for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the all-women wrestling promotion from the ’80s, works in a similar vein to Girlboss with a fictionalized retelling of the company’s origins. As your resident wrestling expert here at TMS, color me intrigued.

The series centers on Alison Brie’s Ruth, a struggling LA actress who decides to make one last attempt at her dream by answering a casting call for “unconventional women.” It doesn’t take long for her to realize that this wasn’t so much an acting gig as it was … something else. Marc Maron plays B-movie director Sam, the man leading this whole venture. The show will also feature an eclectic group of women including Nurse Jackie’s Betty Gilpin, Ellen Wong from The Carrie Diaries and writer/actor Kimmy Gatewood who you might recognize as Marilyn Monroe and Hillary Clinton from those Epic Rap Battles of History videos on YouTube.

While I’m digging the retro rock n’ roll women kicking ass vibes, I have a few questions.

  1. Is this going to be another feminist show where the women of color are merely there as punchlines for racist jokes?
  2. How much of the show will feature the women wrestling?
  3. How gorgeous this that multi-colored spandex?
  4. Who else feels like cosplaying some of these women?
  5. Doesn’t this feel like Girlboss but with wrestling?
  6. Are you here for this as much as I am?
  7. Update: HOW DID I NOT REALIZE AWESOME KONG WAS IN THIS? Automatically makes the show even better!

The show hits Netflix on June 23. You know the drill: Spill your feelings in the comments below.

(via TV Line, image: screencap)

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