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Napoleon Dynamite Bedroom Mural: Flippin’ Sweet.

Design Mom editor Gabrielle Blair wanted to decorate her 12-year-old son’s wall to reflect his appreciation of movies, but she didn’t want to spend a lot of money or go with violent or sexual imagery. The result: This fantastic Napoleon Dynamite wall mural. (I’d assume a Liger staring at you night after night would be too creepy.)

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Blair writes that there’s “absolutely no art skill involved in this project,” but it clearly took a lot of creativity: In essence, she took a still from Napoleon Dynamite, grayscaled it and upped the contrast until it was black-and-white, and projected that image on the wall. From there, she and her mother filled it in.

The completed mural:

There’s lots more great pictures where that came from, and a full making-of explanation, over at Design Mom.

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