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The Idea of Naked M&Ms Is a Little Weird, But It’s Not Really Nudity [Video]

Great Moments in Advertising

So, this was one of those “famous” fancy Super Bowl commercials (some of us actually, I don’t know, watch it for the game, but okay) featuring the new female M&M. She is the brown-shelled one, and when some giggling, childish dudes see her at a nightclub (a place where M&Ms go), they think she’s naked, with her naughty, chocolaty “skin” exposed for all to gawk and stare at. But the way I see it, I think everyone is way off base. None of these M&Ms are naked or appear naked. What they are is even more disturbing. What am I talking about? You’ll have to come inside.

See, if an M&M character’s shell is their clothing, is it also a full-body mask that envelops the entire face, too? Like the I-Suit designed by Professor Impossible on The Venture Bros.? Because it seems to me that the shell is more like skin. In which case, those giggling jerks are being racist, not chauvinist. What we’re seeing is is not candy nudity, but more like Sally Impossible letting her skin become invisible, an unreversable and barely controllable physical condition under which she suffers!

Those guys were laughing at the Brown M&M for having transparent-looking skin.

As a naturally pale person with a near total inability to tan and a slightly visible circulatory system, I am truly offended by this M&Ms ad. For shame.

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