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‘My Dress Up Darling’ Season 2 Is Coming Out And I Need To Get My Outfit Ready


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My Dress Up Darling Season 2 is coming out, and I need to be as fashionable as these people if I’m going to watch it. I’ll simply die if I have to watch season 2 dressed like a commoner. After all, this show is about some of the best dressed anime characters in history. Their outfits are superb. Divine. The height of haute couture. The characters on this show is dressed like a princesses, and if I can’t dress like a princess, then I will DIE like one, by throwing myself out of the tallest tower into the sea!

When is Season 2 coming out and do I have enough time to get ready?

We don’t know for certain, and that’s a good sign. It means that I still have time to procrastinate before getting my outfit ready. Everyone knows that the greatest flashes of creative genius come from periods of inactivity! Right?

We know that season 2 was officially confirmed on September 17th via the My Dress Up Darling website. New seasons of anime tend to be released about a year after their initial announcements. That means that it’s likely that season 2 will drop in September or October of 2023. That means FALL FASHION LOOKS. I need LAYERS. LOTS OF THEM.

Who is going to voice these fabulous characters?

There have not been any official announcements about who will be playing the main characters. HOWEVER, no news is good news, and it’s likely that the main cast from Season 1 will be reprising their roles in Season 2.

The Japanese Voice Cast:

  • Ama Lee as Marin Kitagawa
  • Paul Dateh as Wakana Gojo
  • Jad Saxton as Shinju Inui
  • R Bruce Elliott as Kaoru Gojo
  • Risa Mei as Sajuna Inui

The English Voice Cast:

  • Hina Suguta as Marin Kitagawa
  • Shōya Ishige as Wakana Gojō
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Sajuna Inui
  • Atsushi Ono as Kaoru Gojō
  • Hina Yomiya as Shinju Inui

They’re gonna have to get some new meat soon, as new characters are going to appear in Season 2! And my outfit has to measure up to all of their standards.

I was so worried about my outfit that I forgot the plot! Help!

Wait! It’s coming back to me now! The series is about a young boy named Wakana Gojo, whose passion is sewing clothes and making Hina dolls. Because no one else shares his passion, he has trouble opening up to others. However, after discovering that Marin Kitagawa (the most popular girl in school) is a fan of cosplaying, he realizes that he may have just found a new outlet for his sewing skills.

Season 1 ended with Marin and Wakana’s romance beginning to bloom like a long stemmed rose. Sure, their personalities are total opposites, but you know what they say about opposites, don’t you? They’re always trying to mack on each other. Just like I’m going to be macking on the bargain bins of every store in my city in order to cobble together an outfit that is half as fabulous as the ones that Wakana makes.

Faithful readers of the manga know that the two lovebirds will soon be introduced to a gaggle of new cosplayers. One of these cosplayers is Amane, a fabulous boy whose cosplay looks make you want to give up on ever finding a beautiful outfit to wear because you’ll never measure up to him. He’s everyone’s muse, and even inspires Marin’s next outfit. Wakana’s gonna have his hands full with that one. It’s a real doozy. Just like I have my hands full of 100 different fabric options. Do we think that’s too much? No, I don’t think we do. If anything it isn’t enough. Back to the bargain bins!

Before I go, I leave you with a gift

What sort of gift you ask? Is it a dress that will make you look 1/10th as pretty as Marin? Poor sweet thing, I’m good, but I’m not a miracle worker. Marin is out of all of our leagues. Just look at this trailer and you’ll see what I mean. That’s the gift, by the way. The trailer. It’s the best I’ve got. I spent all the money I had on clothes I can’t return. Perhaps I’ll fling myself into the seas after all.

(Featured Image: Cloverworks)

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