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Knives Out Is Going to Kill Us All and I’m Ready

Chris Evans being a snack in Knives Out

A murder mystery that feels as if it is something out of the ’70s, Knives Out is maybe going to be my favorite movie ever? Lionsgate released a trailer for the movie today, and it feels like a mix of ClueDeath Trap, and something that is both erotic and concerning all rolled into one, with Chris Evans straight serving looks.

To be honest, I feel bad just talking about Chris Evans with a cast as stacked as this one. Lakeith Stanfield, Christopher Plummer, Toni Collette, Jamie Lee Curtis, Katherine Langford, Daniel Craig, the little kid from IT … the list literally goes on and on, but when you see Steve Rogers say “Eat shit” repeatedly, you have to talk about it.

Here’s the trailer. Watch, fall in love, see as Chris Evans fights off dogs (a thing I never thought I’d see).

Do you understand now? Do you see what I mean? Chris Evans says “CSI: KFC,” and I need it in GIF form and also tattooed on my eyelids so I can just watch it on repeat every time I close my eyes. Still, Chris Evans in Knives Out is just the tip of iceberg on this juggernaut of a cast. As director Rian Johnson’s first post-Star Wars project, this is going to be the perfect excuse to leave your family behind and go to the movies this Thanksgiving.

Honestly, Johnson is coming for all our hearts, and that’s fine. Take them.

Because it is a beautiful first look at this movie, Twitter did what Twitter does best and screamed about the trailer in the best possible way.

Can’t wait to annoy the hell out of my family by making them go to the movies with me on Thanksgiving so we can see Knives Out! Sorry, mom!

(image: Lionsgate)

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