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Mrs. Maisel Joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe With Help From James Corden

Jokes aside, I would watch this crossover in a second.

Now that the Infinity Saga has ended, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering its next chapter. But how do you keep invested in the sprawling superhero-filled world? With New York’s favorite female Jewish comedian, of course. Rachel Brosnahan joined James Corden in a filmed sketch about a crossover between The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The bit has James Corden assuming the directing mantle from the Russo brothers and integrating Mrs. Maisel into the MCU. But, to no one’s surprise, the two worlds don’t exactly mesh well together. For example, Maisel shows up at the pivotal moment when Thanos gets the final infinity stone, but the confrontation quickly turns to jewelry talk. Apparently, the space stone is Tanzanite. Who knew?

Corden’s role as the diva director brings some delightful moments of physical comedy. In one scene he demands a kombucha and proceeds to drink it out of a harried assistant’s cupped hands. He also sips espresso out of the tiniest cup alongside a very fancy Shih Tzu. Corden appears increasingly stressed out about his crossover, telling the cast and crew that the stakes could not be higher. This is, after all, his followup to Cats.

Brosnahan’s other interactions with the MCU include stealing Captain America’s shield to sun herself and commenting that maybe it wasn’t the smartest move to build a budding film franchise around a pun. Corden responds that plenty of hits are based on puns, like The Santa Clause and Gnomeo and Juliet.

Brosnahan and Corden have great comedic chemistry together, and I think Corden has the chops to do a terrific cameo on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. If Mrs. Maisel does a tour of England, I could easily see him cast as a member of the BBC’s The Goon Show. He already bears a passing resemblance to Harry Secombe.

Eventually, Corden gives up on his crossover dreams, settling instead for some Marvelous Mrs. Marmalade—although the flavor, gefilte fish, leaves much to be desired. Corden isn’t the first comedian to play with the idea of a crossover. Funny or Die did a mashup of the two properties last year:

And while both are amusing, it’s Corden’s commitment to the bit that really sells The Late Late Show’s version. And if, next season, Midge dates a handsome Dr. Spiderman, well, I wouldn’t be mad about it.

(via The Late Late Show With James Corden, image: screencap/CBS)

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