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As Expected, Here Are More Guardians of the Galaxy “Getting to Know You” Videos for Drax, Gamora, and Star-Lord

Cool. Now do one for Burt Macklin.

Earlier today we saw the videos introducing the world to Rocket Raccoon and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Just like we expected, Marvel has since released videos introducing the rest of the team. Take a few minutes to get to know your Guardians of the Galaxy.

First up, Chris Pratt talks about Peter “Star-Lord” Quill.

Zoe Saldana talks about her character Gamora and how she can kick the crap out of you.

Dave Bautista says that basically he is Drax, and that he feels like the character is his now. He’s really big, so we don’t suggest arguing him on this point.

There you have it. The Guardians of the Galaxy, everybody. These aren’t particularly in-depth looks at the characters, but they’re a start at least.

(via Marvel Entertainment)

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