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Twitter Helps Monica Lewinsky Decide What to Binge-Watch Next


Monica Lewinsky asks Twitter what she should binge-watch next

It’s surreal and delightful to be scrolling through Twitter and see that Mia Farrow is at that very moment recommending that Monica Lewinsky check out The OA and The Handmaid‘s Tale.

Sure, Twitter can be a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but every now and then it has a lighter side, and you remember one of the cooler things about it: influential people of all stripes are just a text box away. (And they’re just like us!)

Monica Lewinsky asked her followers for suggestions on binge-watching, which was well-timed—I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. It felt as though I’d watched most of the shows people have been buzzing about, but the responses on Lewinsky’s thread provided some great suggestions for what to watch next.

Lewinsky has thousands of responses at this point. The overwhelming consensus seems to cluster around shows that are either new or have recent new seasons on Netflix. Your Mary Sue staff has also spent a good deal of time consuming said titles like The Good Place, Schitt’s Creek, Grace & Frankie, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Killing Eve, The Americans, Derry Girls, YOU, Peaky Blinders, and The Magicians, all of which we give a big thumbs up.

Mia Farrow dropped by with her recommendations, as you do:

These selections have a very British bent, but also we agree:

Per Britannia, Lewinsky is already onboard with Broadchurch:

Turns out there are quite a few shows mentioned that I haven’t tried myself, but seeing so much positive opinion line up is promising, so I may look into Dr. Foster, Gypsy, Letter Kenny, and Ozark.

In the realm of older shows that keep popping up, some fantastic standards leap out: Battlestar Galactica, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Veep, Brooklyn 99, Friday Night Lights.

There are also pitches for brand new and forthcoming shows:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found a few properties herein to check out, like Travelers and The Staircase. What do you think is missing from these replies? I’d throw in Bojack Horseman, because it is imminently watchable and quite possibly the best show on “television,” and it lends itself to binge watching. Just try and keep yourself to one episode. Somehow I haven’t seen The Great British Baking Show mentioned, but it’s the original comfort food that can sustain us all through winter.

I love positive Twitter threads like Lewinsky’s: everyone happily advocating for something that they’ve enjoyed, keen to share the love. Tell us what you’ve adored watching or are considering trying out in the comments.

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