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Mockingjay Adds Peeta & Johanna “Living Portraits” to Its Line of Propaganda-Inspired Marketing

It's Snow joke.

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Between its “President Snow’s Panem Address” teasers and its “District Heroes” poster series, the Mockingjay – Part 1 marketing department is really kicking ass so far. The tradition continues with these “Capitol Citizen Living Portraits” of Peeta and Johanna. Cosplayers everywhere are clutching their heads and shrieking, wondering why something like this doesn’t exit for their favorite characters.

“Already all the rage with the Capitol elite,” explains the Capitol Couture website, “Capitol families are lining up to view these astoundingly realistic hologram displays in person.” And we’re clicking to view them on our dinky computers, because we live in a world where The Hunger Games isn’t real. I think we came out ahead.

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