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Ghibli Land: Young Animator Designs Miyazaki Theme Park

The next-happiest place on Earth.



Have you ever wanted to ride the Cat Bus? Or run through Yubaba’s bathhouse? Or maybe climb the trees with Totoro?

A young animator named Takumi has revealed ambitious designs for a Miyazaki theme park. The map shows the bathhouse from Spirited Away, Irontown from Princess Mononoke, the harbor and house from Ponyo, the flying island and underground mine from Castle in the Sky, the great home of Howl’s Moving Castle, the purifying underground forests from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, a dragon ride based off the creature from Goro Miyazaki’s Tales of Earthsea, and the aircrafts of Porco Rosso.

Oh, and you get around the amusement park via Cat Bus monorail, because of course you do.

There are small details that you have to really look to catch, such as the entrance of the theme park being the entrance that Chihiro walked through to enter the spirit world. In the back of the theme park is Hotel Adriano where Porco would dock his plane. Takumi, who is a huge fan of Miyazaki’s, included even the littlest things that other fans would love. His Twitter reveals other work he has made inspired by the Studio Ghibli films.

This amazing design is based off the design of Disney Land in Tokyo. Some people might be thinking about the Studio Ghibli Museum (designed by Miyazaki himself) which is like a theme park in itself, but this idealized theme park pushes the limits of interaction and would be a dream come true for Studio Ghibli fans.

Let’s hope this beautiful and amazing design will come to life!

(via Nerdist)

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