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Photograph Subjects of Decades Past Relive Geek Fantasies They Didn’t Know They Had

Our Adorable Past


Have you ever looked at old photos of people from another time period, maybe over a century ago, and wonder, “What’s going through their head right now? Why do they look so … serious?” Besides being shocked by the bright light of a flashbulb, I can’t posit any solid ideas about what these people were thinking that made them look like that. But artist Alex Gross had an idea: maybe they were harboring secret geek fantasies about things that would have sent them straight to the asylum. Gross took a bunch of antique photographs and painted a slew of geek icons over them. And they are not surprisingly wonderful. More after the jump.

First, we’ll cover some DC heroes. Starting with Batgirl:


Wonder Woman:

And now, Marvel, starting with Marvel Girl:



Star Trek and Star Wars:

And some horror icons, like the Creature from the Black Lagoon:

And Godzilla:

Dear Alex Gross,

Do this forever.

Best regards,

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