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Minecraft Beta 1.7 Update: Pistons!

Detached from the future 1.8 update and released earlier due to the features (namely, Adventure Mode) of the upcoming 1.8 update being too meaty to push out soon, the omniscient Notch took some of the finished bits that were planned to go in along with the 1.8 update and shoved it into update 1.7, which is out now. The update list this time around is small, but it brings one of the biggest changes ever to hit Minecraft: Pistons, blocks that allow clever players to make automated devices. Another big addition is a new tool, shears, which not only removes wool from sheep, but allows players to collect placeable leaf blocks — a monumental addition for anyone who has ever tried their hand at Minecraft topiary (which was the worst until now). Head on past the break to check out the update list, as well as the recipes for both types of pistons and the shears.


  • Added pistons
  • Fire or redstone is now required to trigger TNT
  • Fences can be stacked (no longer will we have to deal with the “building backwards” trick to stack them)
  • Added shears: Can be used to pick up leaf blocks, can shear sheep without damaging them
  • Sheep no longer drop wool when punched
  • Removed Herobrine (har har)

Piston and Sticky Piston


As almost a Minecraft tradition, the new update immediately broke a few things, so expect 1.7_01 pretty soon. Now if only players could combine the shears and pistons and make an automatic haircutting machine. Get to the update, Minecrafters, and build some blocky machines.

(via The Word of Notch)

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