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Minecraft 1.8 Overview in 60 Seconds

Since Minecraft 1.8 leaked yesterday afternoon, there’s been a lot of buzz around the new features (and the new bugs). Whether you’re in the camp that won’t play until an official release, the camp that downloaded the leak the second you saw it, or the camp that tries not to play until an official release and downloads the leak a mere 2 seconds later, here is a 60 second overview of the new content in 1.8 that is sure to make you salivate. EditZP talks pretty fast, so you may have to give it more than one watch. If you still can’t catch all the new features, maybe you should just go play it. I may or may not have played enough of the 1.8 leak to tell you that it’s just as awesome as it sounds.

(via Notch)

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