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Microsoft Already Abandoning Most of Its Xbox TV Content, Closing Xbox Entertainment Studios

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You’re safe for now, Netflix! Actually, since Microsoft is abandoning their Xbox TV content arm that only just got started last month, you’ve probably been safe the whole time. I can’t imagine it’s gone incredibly well for them given this information. Unfortunately, this comes as part of Microsoft’s massive layoff of 18,000 jobs over the next year.

It’s all part of Microsoft’s restructuring under new CEO Satya Nadella. All of the content on the recently released list of Xbox Originals is now canceled with the exception of the Halo digital feature and TV series, as well as the tech documentary Signal to Noise. These projects that are already mid-production will be handled by a few members of Xbox Entertainment Studios who will stay on to oversee them, and the Halo content will continue as planned from 343 Industries and Amblin.

This comes on the heels of news today that Microsoft has seen sales of the Xbox One double since they dropped the mandatory Kinect bundle and $100 from the price tag to match the PS4. That change made sense to bring Microsoft’s console into closer competition with Sony’s machine, but Sony is still pushing ahead with its console-centric TV content in the form of Powers, their TV series that will be out later this year.

At least the more streamlined, games-focused approach is working so far with the Kinect change, so maybe this will be good news for the Xbox One in the long run.

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