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Michael Jordan Wants to Pass the Space Jam 2 Ball to Blake Griffin

Michael Jordan picks who he would choose to star in Space Jam 2. (Submitted by @lashmiller)

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In an Instagram video of a Q&A, Looney Tunes hero and basketball star Michael Jordan mused on a fan’s question regarding who he’d choose to be the star of Space Jam 2. After spending a nice long while thinking about it and getting more than a few fans riled up, his answer was clear: Blake Griffin. Back in May, rumors swirled that LeBron James might be taking on the starring role, but nothing was ever really confirmed. The movie’s original director also warned against that movie being created at all, saying it’s “doomed.” Oof.

You’ll remember that Jordan originally starred in the hybrid animated/live-action movie back in 1996, along with Bill Murray, Wayne Knight, and the entire lineup of Looney Tunes cartoon stars. The movie was a favorite among fans and remains, to this day, something of a meme-able franchise. There’s something about the film’s goofy antics and humor (y’know, aside from the sexist bits directed at Lola Bunny) that made it somewhat timeless and cemented its place in pop culture’s memory.

Jordan’s choice in Griffin isn’t completely unfounded or anything like that. Griffin’s proven his comedy chops in plenty of TV spots and one incredibly memorable Broad City guest appearance (NSFW-ish). To James’ credit, however, he absolutely killed in his role in Trainwreck and seems to be a pretty natural fit for a comedy like Space Jam 2.

Take, for example, the phenomenon of the Space Jam theme song, “Come On and Slam,” by the Quad City DJs. People recognized its ear worm-like properties really quickly, and latched onto the song as a basis for remixes and mashups. Here, enjoy.

Can’t get enough of this? Try the endless mashup streaming website. Good luck getting all of that out of your head!

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