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Physicist Sees Michael Jackson’s Face in Polymer Solution

First it was in clouds over New York, then it was an ancient Egyptian sculpture, a tree stump, and an ultrasound: now, a British physicist has seen what looks like Michael Jackson’s face in a droplet of hardened polymer solution.

From PhysicsWorld:

The ugly-looking globular mound is a droplet of polymer solution, the kind of substance you might find in the ink cartridges of your printer. As the solution began to dry, [physicist David] Fairhurst noticed a number of small “spherulites” begin to crystallise on the droplet surface revealing what appears to be a tiny human face.

“I noticed it immediately and showed it to the other guys – we had a really good laugh about it,” Fairhurst told

The physicist and his group of PhD students reckon the face looks like a small girl, or possibly even the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Alas, when PhysicsWorld’s James Dacey ran a picture of the polymer through facial recognition software (now that’s taking it to the next level), the software turned up Marlene Dietrich and Iggy Pop, but by our troth, the MJ connection isn’t too much of a stretch.

(via PhysicsWorld)

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