Metalocalypse Creator Brendon Small Embarking on Musical Project

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Dethklok freaks, your attention please: Brendon Small, the mind behind that fictional band from Adult Swim‘s Metalocalypse realized he had so much EXTRA METAL that he’s decided to take it all on the road and put on concerts. After touring and releasing two albums worth of extra music, Small is preparing to release Brendon Small’s Galaktikon later this summer. He describes it as “a high-stakes, intergalactic, extreme rock album” that if executed successfully, should have the feel of “an audio comic book.” You are urged to imagine the rest of this post being read in a Nathan Explosion-like death growl.

In an interview with MishMash Magazine, Small says that while the “guttural” metal sounds that make Dethklok so very metal work for the music on Metalocalypse, the music he’d actually choose to make would incorporate more melody.

“When I was developing the DETHKLOK sound, some of the things I was writing weren’t heavy enough for DETHKLOK, but I still liked them. So I was like, I’m going to make this into something, so I’m going to get Gene [Hoglan] and I’m going to get Bryan Beller, and we’re going to make this project, and I’m going to figure out what it is …”

The music on Galaktikon will include elements of Queen, Foo Fighters, and Smashing Pumpkins.

Small is not the first Adult Swim personality to do his own music: Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric performs music “inspired by ’70s soft rock” in the duo Heidecker & Wood. Their first album is called Starting From Nowhere. Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane — whose show is actually a Fox show, but airs on Adult Swim — is also releasing an album in September called Music Is Better Than Words. In the past, he has performed at Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall. His lovely vocal stylings are also in the opening credits of American Dad.

Okay, death growl can end here. We don’t want you hurting yourself in case you read this out loud.

( via The Daily Blam)

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