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Limited Survey Finds Men Outspend Women 9 to 1 On Mobile Virtual Goods

According to a survey administered by Boston-based MocoSpace, men outspend women 9 to 1 when buying mobile virtual goods. The survey comes from a study of 1,500 mobile gamers that analyzed anonymous user behavior to see how different genders behave when it comes to mobile games. Out of the users surveyed, 53 percent were male, 47 percent were female — almost an even ratio.┬áThe survey found that men spend slightly more time mobile gaming, averaging around 21 minutes compared to the 19 minutes females spend. However, the survey found that 69 percent of males buy virtual goods, whereas only 39 percent of females drop money on those sweet, sweet smurfberries.

Though the statistics are interesting, the survey was administered solely through mobile games on MocoSpace’s platform, so not only were non-MocoSpace games studied, but non-mobile games in general were not included. However, there are around 17 million members gaming on MocoSpace’s platform, so the survey did mine information from a rather large userbase. Hilariously, some of the prominent games on MocoSpace’s platform seem to be knockoffs of other popular franchises, including Street Wars, Stage Hero, Guitar Band (with screenshots that look fairly similar to a certain other similarly-named gaming franchise) and Happy Farm.

(via VentureBeat)

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