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Internet Meme Playing Cards Project Seeking Funds on Kickstarter

Ray Thomas has a dream, one in which he makes a deck of standard playing cards, but each card features an image macro, one of the more common Internet memes. There are certainly enough image macros to spread across 52 separate cards, so all Thomas needs is the money to produce them. Welcome to life, Thomas. Luckily for Thomas (and us), there’s this website called Kickstarter that is pretty well-known for kickstarting projects in need of funds. Ray Thomas is seeking to pledge $4,200 by February 16, a price quoted to him by card manufacturers, to make all of his (and our) image macro playing card dreams come true.

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Pledges (Kickstarter terms for giving someone money) are not unrewarded, assuming the goal of Thomas’ project is met. The first 50 people to pledge $7 will get a pack of the cards at a special rate, shipping included. A pledge of $10 will net a pack of the cards, shipping included, while a pledge of $15 or more will net you a pack of cards with shipping included (this is the option for international pledges). A pledge of $19 or more gets you two decks with shipping included, $28 will get you three decks, $37 will get you four, $45 will get you five, and $55 gets you five with shipping included (another international option).

Pledge $500, and Thomas will allow you to choose which macro goes on which card, while a pledge of a whopping $1,000 and Thomas will allow you to have your say regarding the design on the back of the cards.

As of this writing, the project only has $364 pledged with 36 backers, and February 16 isn’t too far away. You can check out the project, or donate some funds, over at Kickstarter.

(Kickstarter via Mashable)

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