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Megan Rapinoe Is Living Rent Free In Haters’ Minds After USWNT Olympics Loss

Rapinoe and her teammates are still champions.

Megan Rapinoe #15 of Team United States is seen wearing a face mask prior to the Women's Semi-Final match between USA and Canada on day ten of the Tokyo Olympics.

The U.S. women’s soccer team was defeated by Canada at the Tokyo Olympics, for the first time since 2001, dashing their hopes of winning gold. And what are haters doing instead of cheering on Team USA and looking towards the next Olympics? Oh, they’re coming after Megan Rapinoe, her hair, her comments, her legacy, her advocacy—basically, anything that these people with time on their hands can grab a hold of. And it’s childish AF.

They really have nothing better to do than come after a champion and her teammates. And it’s easy to tell why. It’s because she’s has ideas that don’t fall into the conveniently placed boxes that Republicans love to flaunt because they’re proud peacocks. It’s because she’s a queer woman who doesn’t hide who she is or who she loves. And it’s also because she challenges what a woman is “supposed” to look like, causing the haters to short circuit because they’re so used to defining what beauty means for women as a whole.

I’m glad these haters are losing their minds over Rapinoe living her best life. Why? Because it shows how patriotic they truly are and how they’re a bunch of hypocrites who don’t care for the U.S. team to do well against other nations. All these haters care about is the joy they feel inside at Rapinoe and the U.S. team’s loss. Personally, it feels like the garbage taking itself out and showing to the world how scared the Republican party is that people like Rapinoe are the future.

So, keep doing what you’re doing, haters. Keep making Megan Rapinoe trend on social media because you fear her talent, skill, advocacy, and what she represents to queer youth and people everywhere. And keep showing how little respect you have for the women of the USWNT with every laugh and celebration at their loss. Because it isn’t only Rapinoe’s. She’s part of a team, and every hater dunking on Rapinoe is doing so to the other women on the team who are champions in their own right and deserve better than their own people celebrating their loss.

And I’m not the only one that has Megan Rapinoe’s and the team’s backs!

(image: Atsushi Tomura/Getty)

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