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An “Elusive,” Goofy-Lookin’ Megamouth Shark Was Found On A Philippines Beach

Babadook shark!

So imagine you’re just walking along the beach one day, maybe picking up seashells and just taking in the majesty of the universe, when you come across this thing.

Do you laugh? Do you cry? What sound exits your body upon seeing this thing in person? According to Shark Devocean (a blog devoted to all things shark-related), this is only the 60th confirmed one of these things we’ve ever seen. I’m pretty bummed for this shark, I gotta be honest, but it could be great news for science. As Shark Devocean blogger/PhD-candidate-studying-the-tropho-spatial-ecology-of-deep-sea-sharks Christopher Bird writes:

The megamouth shark is quickly becoming one of my favourite species in the animal world. The mystery surrounding it reminds us how much we still have to learn about the natural world. I’m torn though, maybe not knowing about this animal is a good thing. It prevents information on its distribution getting into the hands of those who would happily exploit this creature for some large fish steaks or megamouth burgers. We are still awaiting a full necropsy to be taken from this latest stranding, but any information gathered will be vital in helping us understand this magnificently mysterious megamouth shark in more detail!

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