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Monday Cute: I’m So Proud of These Baby Meerkats Taking Their First Steps

Did you know that according to Wikipedia, a group of meerkats is called a “mob”, “gang” or “clan”? I just learned that, and it’s my new fun fact of the day. Anyway, here’s a mob of the cutest lil’ meerkats you’ll ever see in your life.

The description from the Australian zoo Symbio Wildlife Park tells us these four babies are the children of meerkats Aya and Penfold, and the video shows “their first steps outside of the nest box, first ever time standing up ‘in the sentry position’ and the first ever time they tasted solid food. Even a pea was too big to fit in their mouths they are so tiny.”

Filmed and edited by Kevin Fallon, there’s also a shot of the meerkats being held by one of the keepers that shows you just how tiny they are! When they grow to be adults, they’ll average about 50 cm long (including their tails). The meerkats are apparently one of the zoo’s most popular attractions, and from the many videos of the little ones playing, eating, and playing some more (this one shows the babies at two months old!) it’s not hard to see why.

(via Laughing Squid, image: screencap)

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