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Media Artist Contingency Plan Preps You To Destroy Your Hard-drive on Short Notice, Just In Case

If you happen to be an artist who might not be on the best of terms with powerful corporations or the government (read: the Man), Randy Sarafan, of clown-paint and ice cream sandwich fame, has the Media Artist Contingency Plan for you. It’s simple really. All you do is print a bullseye sticker, figure out where your hard-drive is located, place the sticker over the middle of it and keep a drill with a suitably macho bit handy.

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The destruction of evidence in order to keep it out of the wrong hands is hardly a new or particularly inventive idea, but the branding and sticker-reliant qualities of this contingency plan lend it a certain “performace art” quality that’s quite fitting. After all, drilling through a hard-drive could totally represent the “realities of the physical world ravaging the illusions of the digital” or something. I want to see the Renegade Engineer Contingency Plan. It would a involve laptop that drills through itself, either that or remotely detonated explosives.

(Free Art & Technology via Laughing Squid)

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