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Japan Releases McDonald’s Anime Commercial to Recruit Employees


McDonald’s Japan is looking for people to join their team, so they released this promotion animation video titled “Mirai no Watashi (The Future Me)” done by Studio Colorido that is cute as heck. Is anyone else super tired of creepy clown and king mascots trying to feed you burgers? Then this is the commercial for you! It features a young college girl taking a part-time job at a McDonald’s and her growth under her capable and cool manager. It’s a well-animated feel-good short that also passes the Bechdel-Wallace test!

This isn’t the first promotional video the indie Studio Colorido has done. They made some shorts about family life for Marukome-brand miso soup called Ryotei no Aji and a short for the Gungho Online Entertainment game Puzzles and Dragons a while back, in addition to their films like the recent Taifu no Norud (led by ex-Studio Ghibli animator Youjiro Arai). If you like their style, I’d definitely recommend checking out their other stuff, like their adorable short Control Bear

College student Sumire is voiced by AKB48’s Okabe Lin (with different members voicing Sumire in different regions) and manager Hoshino-senpai by Yui Yokoyama. You can check out an English subbed version here, or a Spanish version here. If you were inspired and want to apply for a job, you can check out the relevant information at the McDonald’s website! Does anyone else have a craving for fries now?

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