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Behold, The Best Resistance Recruitment Video Ever Created: “Danger Zone” Meets Star Wars

Star Wars – Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins from Weston Wong on Vimeo.

There are two movies that I will drop everything to go and see. One of those movies, as I’m sure you could probably guess if you’ve read literally anything I’ve ever written on this website, is Star Wars. But the second one? Oh, dear, what movie could possibly sit just right behind Star Wars in this fangirl’s heart? Friend, that movie is Top Gun. And I’m going to be real here; the only reason it sits so high up in my heart (besides the absolute PATRIOTISM that comes with loving Top Gun) can be summed up in two words, and two words only: gratuitously-oiled up volleyball scene. Okay that’s more than two words. But whatever.

Anyway. If you take these two things and combine them, you might get something that looks like what Weston Wong created right here. The brilliant editor mashed up Kenny Loggins’ perennial jock jam/pump-it-up favorite “Danger Zone” with assorted footage of space dogfights throughout the entire Star Wars film saga. You, too, can listen to the dulcet tones of Loggins singing about joining the Navy beggin’ you to touch and go, all dubbed over footage of the Death Star/Death Star II/Starkiller Base exploding.

The original “Danger Zone” music video was heralded by the U.S. Navy as “the most effective recruiting poster ever produced.” Well, let me tell you, if there was a Star Wars equivalent of Loggins (lookin’ at you, Figrin D’an), then it’s likely that they would’ve produced something that looks a hell of a lot like this for the Rebel Alliance/Resistance. Oh, see, now I’m wondering what a Top Gun-esque movie created and set in the Star Wars universe would look like. Oh, no. I’ve gone and done it again: made up another fanfic AU. I’ll see you on Tumblr.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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