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Sexist Maxim Photo “Hacked”

Are you familiar with those Maxim photo spreads that consist of scantily clad models lounging around while vaguely sexist slogans flit by in the background? Don’t act like you aren’t. Well, Redditor RequiemOfSyris and her roommates brilliantly turned the tables on one such Maxim pic, which consisted of The Hills star Audrina Patridge sitting half-nude on a washing machine with the charming slogan “Doesn’t every guy want to see a girl on her knees scrubbing the bathroom floor with a toothbrush while wearing lingerie?” above her.

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Their addition: “I like to see a girl in the study, proof-reading her just-completed astrophysics thesis while sipping Earl-Grey tea in her tweed sweater and modest, conservative plaid pencil skirt.” Even more impressively, they actually drew glasses, clothes, and an astrophysics tome into the picture. Not only a great subversion of Maxim‘s pandery lad-mag ethos, but, in our opinion, far more attractive.

Larger comparison pics after the jump:

(via Reddit)

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