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Matt Murdock in a Plaid Shirt on ‘She-Hulk’ Is Something That Can Be So Personal to Me

Matt Murdock saluting in She-Hulk

I love Matt Murdock so much. And I really love the Marvel Cinematic Universe take on Matt Murdock (which does include, by extension, the Netflix Daredevil series as well as The Defenders). He’s a sad Catholic boy who lives in Hell’s Kitchen and goes from lawyer to vigilante almost nightly. He’s a mess and he’s perfect. So when the news broke that he was going to be on She-Hulk: Attorney At Law and that he would be played by Netflix Daredevil Charlie Cox, I couldn’t wait! Because Matt Murdock is funny and this was the perfect place to highlight that.

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What I got was that and so much more. The wait for Matt Murdock was worth it. Matt shows up in the second to last episode as the council for Luke Jacobson when Jen’s client, Leapfrog, was claiming that Luke made him a faulty suit. The minute that Matt walks into the room, I knew that Jen was going to be a goner.

And I was correct. The two flirted their way through the episode and it resulted in Matt having to do the walk of shame in his Daredevil suit and it was delicious. With Matt returning to New York at the end of the episode, I figured that might be the end but this is Jen’s show after all, so when she took the reins on the finale, she brought him back for her own benefit and I love her for it.

Matt returns when everything is said and done and jumps into the scene wearing his Daredevil suit (in the daylight and I love it!) and thus their time together continues.

But just when I thought I’d had my fill of Matt Murdock, the show goes on and gives me Matt in a plaid shirt and reader, let me tell you, I literally SCREAMED on my couch. In fact, I screamed “MATT MURDOCK IN A PLAID SHIRT, MATT MURDOCK IN A PLAID SHIRT” repeatedly.

I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again

Now, She-Hulk does also become the second Disney+ Marvel show to end with everyone sitting at a dinner together. The first to do so was The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and I wouldn’t mind them all ending this way in such a cozy, found family fashion.

But, rightfully so, fans are also comparing the end of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law to that of the Fast & Furious movies because, well, it’s the same ending.

No really, it’s literally the ending.

Let Matt Wear Plaid 2k22

The thing is that I can’t stop thinking about Matt Murdock smiling and happy and wearing a plaid shirt. It won’t leave my brain. It’s just there, forever, and I don’t mind it. He was so happy to be included and to be with Jen and I loved how much they liked flirting with each other. I often miss sad Matt Murdock from Daredevil but this genuinely happy Matt who is in colors and having the time of his life in Los Angeles? That’s a Matt I could get used to.

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