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The CDC Is Once Again Recommending That Everyone Wear Masks in Public to Stop COVID-19

It's easy if you never stopped wearing them, like me!

Loki throwing his hands up and shouting "Nothing matters!" on Marvel and Disney+'s Loki.

Because lots of people decided they were too good for science and wouldn’t get vaccinated against COVID-19, we’re back to the CDC recommending everyone wear a mask inside as cases spike nationwide. With the Delta variant posing a threat to even the vaccinated population (to a degree), they’re asking that even those who are fully vaccinated wear masks in areas with high transmission rates of COVID-19.

Today, the CDC updated their mask guidance, even for the fully vaccinated, to roll back some of the changes that told vaccinated people they could safely go unmasked in public. That means wear a mask at restaurants or event venues or in stores again, and it’s because people wouldn’t get vaccinated, so now we have to worry about this variant coming for us.

There’s already rhetoric going around where people who are vaccinated don’t want to do it because they feel like they did their part, and those who aren’t vaccinated sure aren’t going to wear their masks either, so this “recommendation” is falling onto the shoulders of the people who have taken this seriously from the jump. I never stopped wearing my mask indoors because I didn’t trust people to be “vaccinated,” because I knew this honor system protocol was foolish.

So now that everyone is complaining about having to wear them again, I have to laugh. I didn’t trust anyone to do what they were supposed to, not after the last year of people still going out and doing things and putting others at risk just to be selfish.

Here’s how I feel, though, if I have to go back to being stuck inside (while vaccinated) because of the anti-vaxxers in this country:

The problem is the unvaccinated. It’s as simple as that. Cases are surging largely among those who have yet to get the vaccine, and while there are breakthrough cases, our goal as vaccinated people should be to wear a mask and stop the spread to those who aren’t vaccinated (like kids under the age of 12 who are not eligible yet).

Don’t be like Ben Shapiro, though, and completely miss the point of what the CDC is saying, which is explicitly not that you need to wear a mask in your own home.

Mask up, get the vaxx, and stop being selfish. It’s not fair to those of us who have done our part, it’s not fair to those risking their lives each and every day to take care of the sick or work frontline jobs.

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