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Marvel’s Promised Price Cut Affects Only Three Titles

Exactly two weeks ago, Marvel comics announced that it would be cutting the price of “selected” titles debuting in January, but, unlike DC, Marvel’s price announcement didn’t mention specifically how many or which titles would be miraculously cheaper.

Eyebrows have risen regarding how closely Marvel’s price announcement followed DC’s.  With only an hour between the two, many wondered whether Marvel had really planned on it, or if it was an emergency statement made so that they could say that they had it planned all along and totally weren’t  scooped by DC, guys.  Whether that is true or not is neither here nor there.

However, Marvel has now made public knowledge exactly which titles will go on sale for $3 instead of $4 this January, and, well.  Turns out that “selected” means 3 out of 10.

Only three of the ten new titles debuting from Marvel in January come at a $3 price point.  The rest will be sold for the now almost standard $4.  Comic Book Resources has concrete numbers:

In January, there are 54 items listed at $3.99 and 28 at $2.99, for 82 items total split between those price points (not including the Icon titles and, obviously, $4.99 items like the Iron Man anniversary issue). In Marvel’s December solicitations, there were 69 at $3.99 and 26 at $2.99, for 95 items total (again, not including Icon, etc.). So yes, overall, the number of $3.99 books is shrinking, the number of $2.99 books is increasing, and the total number of releases is declining, albeit not necessarily dramatically, and without the price cuts being noticeably tied to what’s new and what’s not.

So, if you are interested in the miniseries Captain America: Hail Hydra, or Wolverine and Jubilee, or the new series Magneto, you will be saving some money.  Otherwise you’re out of luck, True Believers.

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