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Shiny Things Assemble: Marvel-Themed Jewelry (That You Can Totally Afford)



Have you ever found yourself in the following situation? You’re a Marvel fan, and you own more than one Marvel-themed t-shirt. But you have somewhere to go where you need to look a little nicer, and your Spider-Man t-shirt just won’t fly. (Hehe — little superhero joke there.) What is a girl to do? The costume jewelry brand 1928 has a solution for you: jewelry inspired by Marvel comics that is beautiful and, even better, affordable. Like that Spidey bracelet above. After the jump, see even more pieces and where you can buy them.

I’ll cut right to the chase: 1928 jewelry is found in Macy’s and other department stores, but keep in mind — they’re not luxury items. It’s costume jewelry for sure, but the designs are nice and reasonably priced. Among the 120 pieces are bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and even belt buckles and cufflinks. So it is officially time to bring your male geek acquaintances jewelry shopping. Here is a look at just a few of the items:

The Thor earrings I will definitely be looking for the first chance I get:

Captain America belt buckle:

Punisher items:

Spider-Man items (swoon):

Wolverine earrings — his blades, designed to dangle from your earlobes:

This is barely a sampling of what 1928 is offering. If you’re a Marvel fan, high-tail it to your nearest department store and treat yourself. You won’t even have to rob a bank!

(via Comics Alliance)

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