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Marvel’s Sneak Peek at Phase 2: Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Guardians and Ant Man


MAHVEL by pepsiguy2

If you hang around anywhere that fandom congregates on the internet you might be wondering where all these gifs of new stuff from Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 footage and new concept art for Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy came from. Well, it’s all about briefcases. Specifically, it’s about when the makers of Nick Fury’s chrome briefcase containing the Cosmic Cube tesseract sued Marvel for designing a very expensive DVD collection of all the Phase 1 Marvel movies that would be sold in a replica of that case. This led to Marvel having to delay the release of the Phase 1 collection for a while. In fact, it just came out this week. In that DVD collection is a five minute featurette on what’s going on with Marvel Phase 2, which is where much of that new stuff is from.

And now you can watch it too, at least until it gets pulled down for copyright reasons. Enjoy!

Edit: Aaaaand it’s been pulled down for copyright reasons. A one-minute Phase 2 Preview that Marvel uploaded instead is behind the jump. It’s not as interesting, but what’re you gonna do?

(via Moviebob, Nerdist)

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