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Here Are Some Deleted Scenes I Want to See on the Disney+ Marvel Movie Release

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Disney+ is planning on giving us interesting shows based on our favorite Marvel heroes, as well as some of our favorite movies. While the streaming service is planning on slowly adding the full catalog of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will also apparently include bonus content like deleted scenes, just like you’d expect from a movie’s physical home release.

With Iron Man, Iron Man 3, Captain Marvel, and Thor: The Dark World leading the charge as the first few movies to be added (with Avengers: Endgame following in December), fans are going to be able to explore the world of the MCU in a completely new and exciting way. But here’s the thing: What are the scenes we’re going to get?

Sure, the other bonus content is exciting—I love a good gag reel—but I want to know what scenes I have been deprived of in the MCU. Can Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers actually say goodbye to each other and not have it be subtext? What about Natasha Romanoff being in charge of the Avengers after the Snap? That was interesting, and we only got to see a glimpse of it.

I’m sure it’ll be filled with Thanos crying about his soup, but I’d much rather we get content about the characters we love like Sam Wilson or even Rocket Raccoon. More Morgan Stark having her father wrapped around her finger? Yes, please!

My dream deleted scene, though, is simple: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark actually have a conversation in Avengers: Endgame. After Captain America: Civil War, Tony and Steve kind of brushed the entire thing under the rug like they didn’t start a war among the Avengers because of their opposing views. So … what if we actually saw them talk it out?

Let’s pretend for a moment that this happened. Please embark with me on this fanfiction dream of mine:

Sitting at a table in Avengers compound.

Tony should have been home, should have been tucking Morgan into bed and talking through his day with Pepper, but instead, he was preparing to go on what could very well be a suicide mission. Lost in time and trying to retrieve the stones, all to bring back what they lost? There wasn’t a way that they all came out of this unscathed. Those odds were too good for their recent bout of bad luck. Still, he was hopeful. So, when Steve ventured into the kitchen, he managed to nod to him.

“Trying to get some liquid courage?” Cap asked, looking at his old friend and smiling.

“Last potential night on earth, all that,” he said, spinning the liquid in his glass. He’d given it up after Morgan was born, not wanting to rely on numbing himself as he did time and time again when he was younger. But if this was the end, the last time he’d be sitting at a table with even the option, he was going out having all his favorite things.

Steve chuckled softly, sitting down across from him and keeping his eyes trained on the corner of the table. With everything going on, they barely talked about everything other than a brief moment of truce when Stark first arrived at the compound. Sure, it was one thing for them to put their differences aside for the mission, to bring back those they lost, but now, in the dead of night, when clearly neither of them could sleep, there was a conversation that should be had.

“Tony,” Steve started, already not trusting himself to bring up the situation without the same tensions arising. He still felt that he was right and knew that Stark probably felt the same, but that shouldn’t matter now, not when they could die tomorrow. “About Serbia—”

“Pretty sure I cleared this up. Resentment is—”

“Corrosive, I got it.”

They both fell silent, Steve moving to cross his arms as he glanced over at his friend. Friend. He thought to himself how the two always had a trying relationship, but yes, they were friends—always had been. “I don’t regret much of it, but I regret hurting you.”

At that, Tony raised an eyebrow, seemingly surprised that the Cap would admit to even that much. And he supposed, in a way, he regretted the same thing. He still thought he was right, still held onto his anger at what Rogers knew, but he could at least understand why Steve did what he did. He could grasp it. “At least we can be on the same page about that.”

Thank you for exploring my journey of Stony fanfic, and please, Marvel, if you haven’t filmed this scene, there is still time to go back and do it for me.

No matter what content we actually get, it’s going to be nice to have the entire MCU at our disposal because, sometimes, you just have to rewatch the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and wish that the Avengers were real to save the day.

(via, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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