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Mark Hamill and Tom Hiddleston Are Starring in a New Stephen King Adaptation

Luke and Loki in a movie together? Santa got my letter!

Tom Hiddleston smiles in The Essex Serpent. Mark Hamill scowls as elderly Luke Skywalker.

Yesterday, Deadline broke the news that Mark Hamill and Tom Hiddleston are set to co-star in a new film directed by Mike Flanagan, adapted from Stephen King’s novella “The Life of Chuck.” According to Deadline, the film will be up for sale at the Cannes Market later this month.

“The Life of Chuck,” one of the novellas in King’s 2020 collection If It Bleeds, tells the story of Charles Krantz, who grows up in a haunted house with his grandfather Albie before dying of cancer at age 39. The story explores philosophical questions ranging from the multiplicity of the human mind to the end of civilization.

Since the news just broke and production hasn’t started yet, we don’t know much about The Life of Chuck. But here’s what we do know!

The Life of Chuck plot: what is The Life of Chuck about?

While we don’t know how much the movie will stray from the novella, there are some key elements that are likely to be included. Skip this section if you’re avoiding potential spoilers.

The original story, which is told backwards in three acts, begins with a man named Marty, who’s living through the end of human civilization. Marty sees a man named Chuck everywhere as the world collapses. Meanwhile, Charles dies of a brain tumor at age 39. In the second act, Charles dances with a woman on the street. In the third and final act, Charles lives with his grandparents and receives a premonition of his own death.

Mike Flanagan is known mainly for his work directing the horror projects Doctor Sleep and Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House. However, despite Stephen King’s reputation as a horror writer, The Life of Chuck may have less of an overt horror vibe than fans expect. The original novella has more of a George Saunders-esque surrealist feel to it, and Deadline reports that The Life of Chuck will have a similar tone to the Stephen King film adaptations Stand By MeThe Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.

The Life of Chuck cast: who’s in The Life of Chuck?

Tom Hiddleston will play Charles, while Mark Hamill will play Charles’ grandfather Albie. That’s the only casting news we have so far!

The Life of Chuck release date: when does The Life of Chuck come out?

Since the movie hasn’t gone into production yet, you’ll have to wait awhile before you can see it in theaters or streaming. As soon as we get a release date, we’ll post it here.

(Via Deadline, featured image: Apple TV+ / Lucasfilm)

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