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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Wears “Censored” Mask to Speak From Massive Public Platform

You're not censored when you have a microphone, Marjorie.


Marjorie Taylor Greene and her dumb masks

If you’re on national television in a mask talking in front of a microphone and saying your piece, you’re not being censored. And yet, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene took to the floor of the House of Representatives today during the impeachment proceedings for Donald Trump, wearing a mask that was embroidered with the word “censored” on it.

Sometimes, I stop and think about how ridiculous some of these people are and the fact that they’re in power, and my brain breaks. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a congresswoman from Georgia and she took to the microphone to yell about how Trump shouldn’t be impeached, despite the fact that a week ago, he incited a coup attempt.

Marjorie has a history of making statements with her masks. From her “Trump won” mask to her plethora of American Flag masks, she is just consistently on the “I’m annoying” side of things. What’s frustrating about the censorship complaints surrounding Donald Trump being kicked off of social media, and social media moderation policies in general, is that those doing the complaining are just proving that their freedom of speech is doing just fine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a congresswoman. She gets to stand up on the floor and say her statement on Trump. No one is censoring her, and no one is stopping her from sharing her misguided views on Trump. And yet, somehow, she thinks there is a “censorship” problem? Why? Because Twitter and Facebook, private companies, exercised their right to ban Trump from their services? What does that have to do with you, Marjorie?

But, if you take a look at her Twitter account (where she is not censored), she loves to just share her annoying points of view. For whatever reason, Marjorie loves to post these walk-and-talk videos on Twitter, and honestly, this is the terrible version of The West Wing that no one asked for.

If this mask is about Donald Trump, I just want to let Marjorie know that no one is worth stanning that hard. No man deserves your attention like that, and Donald Trump could voice his opinions to the nation just as easily as she just did through any number of methods that don’t involve social media.

I wish I understood what Marjorie thinks she’s being “censored” on. She has a national platform, she posts terrible videos on Twitter, and she stood up and made it clear that she doesn’t care that there was a coup last week because it doesn’t fit in with her narrative.

So … Marjorie Taylor Greene, may you and your censored mask learn the truth some day. I don’t have hope that you’ll figure out the irony of your “statement,” but I do hope they put it in history books so children can see just how completely batshit all of this is. Like … girl, you’re literally talking in front of a microphone, and it is being broadcast by multiple national networks. In what world are you being censored?

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