In This World, There Are Only Marching Bands and Geese

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A recent adorable video featuring a few marching band members and a line of following geese has been making the rounds on the Internet, but it turns out this isn’t a rare occurrence. In fact, if the frequency of marching band geese videos appearing on YouTube is any indication, if our entire world is anything, it is marching bands and geese. What began as a 36 second video ended up as a very, very long detour across YouTube, full of geese and whistles and big silly hats. Read on below to dive into the deep, deep abyss of marching band geese.

Reddit user KentThePineapple puts your next half hour into a tidy list:

[1] Relevant

[2] Also Relevant

[3] Mooore Geese!

[4] I wonder what these are…

[5] …How long have I been watching videos of marching geese?

[6] I may be going insane…

[7] There’s more?

[8] This is bordering on addiction…

[9] Well, it certainly is well-documented…

[10] Definitely insane…

[11] I can keep going…

[12] I’m not normally this crazy. Seriously.

[13] Really guys…


[15] Ah, YouTube. What would we do without you?

[16] I’m definitely obsessed.

[17] These are all original? o_o

[18] I’m running out of creative captions…

[19] Sooo…

[20] I bet I can find more!

[21] Dododoo…



[24] I haven’t given up yet…

[25] Still no repeats…

[26] Any caption suggestions?

[27] It’s starting to get annoying, making sure that I don’t accidentally repeat.

[28] Haven’t left yet, guys…

[29] They must really be making a living off of this…



[32] Who wants mooore?


[34] CTRL+F is saving me here.

[35] Anyone still here?

[36] Faithful, like the postal service!

[37] Starting to question the sanity of humanity.

[38] Geese AND small children!

[39] More small children.

[40] Hellooo?

[41] Sick of captions. LET’S COUNT!

[42] 1

[43] 2

[44] 3

[45] 4

[46] 5

[47] 6

[48] 7

[49] 8

[50] 9

[51] 10

[52] 11

[53] 12

[54] 13

[55] 14

[56] 15

[57] 16

After doing some research, KentThePineapple found that the Efteling theme park in the Netherlands is responsible for how you just spent the past half hour, as they have a small troupe that travels around the park, featuring two human marching band members, and a bunch of geese. It’s called the goose parade, and our lives are now slightly better than they were before we knew about it.

(via reddit)

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